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Pet Emergency Preparedness July 30 2015

OK, I admit it, I took the Girl Scout Motto  to “Be Prepared” to heart. So when I was living in San Francisco, much to my friends’ amusement, I had a complete Earthquake Preparedness Kit. Then the big 1989 Earthquake hit and no one ever teased me again. Wherever you live, there is the risk … Continue reading Pet Emergency Preparedness

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The Five Second Rule July 04 2015

  One hot day while I was working in my store at the College of the Desert Street Fair, I noticed a young man with his Pit Bull chatting with another customer in the sun. He gave the dog the “Sit” command and the dog obeyed but bounced back up again. He told her again … Continue reading The Five Second Rule

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You Want Me To Wear What? October 16 2014

In summer, the pavement gets a lot hotter than we think  and our four legged friends can burn their paw pads when they take a walk. To make sure they are safe, use the 5 Second Rule. Put your bare hand or foot on the pavement and try to keep it there 5 Seconds. If … Continue reading You Want Me To Wear What?

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On the Road Again…. October 16 2014

Angelo comes with me every year to SuperZoo, the annual Pet Industry Trade Show in Las Vegas. Its a 4-5 hour car ride from Palm Springs…depending on who’s driving…. through the back roads of the desert so we have to be prepared for a long ride between stops as well as emergencies. Traveling in style … Continue reading On the Road Again….

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