10 Pet Safety Tips For Memorial Day And All Summer

10 Pet Safety Tips For Memorial Day And All Summer - SpoiledDogDesigns.com

Memorial Day is the holiday that kicks off a summer full of outdoor parties, BBQ’s, pool parties, trips to the beach, parades and loads of fun summer activities. And since most of us love to bring our dog along, it’s time to think about what we can do to keep them safe during our summer fun. Here’s a list of 10 tips that will help insure a safe happy summer for you and your dog.


 1. Tags and Chips – make sure your dog or cat’s ID tag and Chip information is up to date. If your pet is not chipped, now’s the time to do that. Your vet can insert a chip and many local Shelters offer this service. Both chips and tags greatly improve your chance of getting your pet back if they are lost. A tag tells people that find your dog who to call. If your dog gets far from you, a chip provides the information for you to reconnect.

2. Avoid spray repellants and sunscreen, except for sunscreens made for dogs. Deet and Zinc Oxide are dangerous for your dog. If you are concerned about fleas, ticks, or mosquito born illnesses, talk to your vet about the best product for your pet and use it regularly as directed.

3. Leash your dog. Many towns have laws that require dogs to be on leashes but when you are taking your dog to a crowded event, parade or even a backyard party having them on a leash, close by you, is one of the most important safety tips.

dog leash wrapped around a woman's leg     


If you are using a retractable leash, keep it short and locked in crowds for the safety of your dog and people around you. If you'll be in the dark, consider an LED Lighted Leash or Lighted Necklace. Check out our assortment of leashes.

4. Keep Cool - Dogs can get heatstroke easily so be sure to keep them in the shade. Watch for the symptoms of heatstroke: panting, rapid breathing, rapid heartrate. Use cooling products to help keep your dog cool in hot weather like Ice Bands Cooling Collars.

 Ice Band Dog Cooling Collar


5. Hydrate – Keep plenty of water on hand for you and your pup. Travel water bowls are a great way to provide water to your dog. Offer it to your dog frequently in hot weather. Your dog may still be thirsty even if you “just gave water to them”. Here's our favorite travel water bowls.

6. Paw and Eye Protection – If you are walking be sure to check the pavement or sand using the 5 Second Rule. If it's hot, be sure to use some type of paw protection like socks or shoes. Even if you are picnicking on grass, socks or shoes protect your dog from fertilizers, insecticides, broken glass and many other things that can hurt them. Here’s tips on training your dog to wear shoes

dog wearing shoes


If your dog has sensitive eyes or you see them squinting when they are in the sun, consider Doggles sunglasses. If your eyes hurt in the sun, then it's likely your dog's do also. Only use glasses specially made for dogs, like Doggles brand. Anything else risks accidents that could damage your dog's eyes. Learn how to train your dog to wear sunglasses. 

Dog wearing sunglasses

7. Food Scraps – Keep your dog away from hot grills, trash, or any opportunity to eat food scraps. Remember dogs can’t eat fat, cooked bones, alcohol, grapes, raisins, chocolate, and lots more. Bring their regular food or treats so that they can eat while you are away from home. Also, it’s a good idea for your dog to know the commands “Leave it” and “Off” so you can use it if your dog gets into something they can’t have. 

Dog stealing food at picnic


8. Water – watch your pet carefully around pools, ponds, lakes, or water features. Some dogs are Olympic swimmers, but most dogs are not. A dog that falls in a pool will go to the nearest edge and try to get out. If there are no steps, they can tire easily and drown. If you have a pool at home, teach your dog how to swim to the steps and get out. If you are boating, have them wear a life preserver. Ponds and water features that are not treated can have parasites. Right after I adopted Sophia, we went to a nearby lake where no swimming was allowed. She licked the wet sand before I could stop her and got Giardia. Lesson Learned.

dog drinking water in pond


9. Fireworks – Loud noises can scare a dog and cause them to run away. Having them leashed will prevent them from running but loud noises can still scare them. Keeping them in the house, on your lap, in a stroller, or in a safe place during fireworks will keep them more comfortable and safer.

scared dog with fireworks

10. Doors and Gates – for any gathering where pets are present it’s always a good idea to be constantly watchful that doors and gates are closed after each person arrives or leaves. A dog can quickly slip out unnoticed.


If you think of more Tips to add to this list, I’d love for you to share them. But these 10 items will get you started thinking of ways to prepare for summer pet safety. With “An Ounce of Prevention”, you and your dog can have a wonderful summer full of all kinds of fun activities and great memories. Enjoy!

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