Our story

I am a dedicated fur mom of two, Emma and Charlotte. I have been in healthcare for most of my professional career. Through my own health journey, I realized how important it is to take a holistic approach to health and wellness. When people are healthy, they feel better, their quality of life increases, and they live longer! The same goes for our furry friends.

After losing my beloved dog, Ella to (IVDD) Intervertebral Disc Disease. I patented the “Ella Harness”, a canine harness designed to optimize the stabilization of the spine. The harness is specifically designed to help alleviate lifelong, debilitating, and life-threatening issues. I look forward to sharing other health, wellness, and safety items with you through Spoiled Dog Designs while continuing to keep Patt and Edith’s creativity alive.

Your business is inevitably an extension of yourself. In this instance, a perfect alignment of three women wanting to share our passion, creativity and help other dog owners along that journey.

Elle Krumm

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Quality Control
Charlotte & Emma

Our Mission:

  1. Make and sell items that fit well, are completely functional, safe and are comfortable for your dog while being creative and have great style. Your dog will look and feel great in these designs and be safe.
  2. Products made by other manufacturers, are made in the USA whenever possible with the same standard of quality.  All new products are sampled and used by their staff to make sure it does what it claims to do before offering it to you. And that enables  them to give better instructions about the product. If you have questions about any products, email them or ask them on Facebook,  they're always glad to share what we know.
  3. Fit all dogs, no matter breed, size, or 'figure". They created a size chart for the basic sizes. If your dog does not fit into these ranges, or has a special figure, no problem, they'll make the item just for him/her.  There's a Custom Sizing feature on the product pages where you can add your dog's measurements so the item can be made to fit your dog. That takes the fit worry out of ordering. 
  4. Share knowledge and information and welcome you to do the same.
  5. Support efforts for adoption, rescue, spay, and neutering of pets. 
  6. Laugh and have fun.

Spoiled Dogs History

Patt Savastano


Patt Savastano founder, has been sewing for as long as she remembers. And only stopped when the pressures of the corporate career took over. 

When her first Chihuahua, Angelo, arrived, he was always cold. So, she looked for cute outfits that had a harness built in. Frustration quickly grew since none of the big retailers had anything like that. They had cheap clothing and harnesses. There were no clothes with built in harnesses that were high quality and fit well.  

And so, Spoiled Dog Designs was born. Using her history of making clothes, designs with a built in harnesses became a reality. 

Now, happily retired. 


Boss Mom

Edith moved to Palm Springs from the Catskill Mountains in New York to live with Patt and brought her 50 yr old Singer sewing machine with her. She started immediately sewing blankets, quilts (she was still quilting by hand), bandanas, slings and coats and sewed until March of 2012 when she broke her hip at 94. She passed on in November 2012 and was very big part of the early days of this business. 



Oct. 2003 - July 2019 Angelo, a Chihuahua, was born in Puerto Vallarta, Mex. and came to the United States at 5 weeks old. He was the inspiration for starting this business and building harnesses into all our clothes. At 6 pounds and a perfect size small, he was our fit model for all boys clothes. He loved his work! And you could see in his face that he was proud of what he did. Spoiled Dog Designs would not have started without his inspiration.

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We have a small team of seamstresses who turn my ideas and sketches into the fabulous products you see on our pages. They are very talented and I am blessed that they walked into my life.

Our items are cut one at a time, sewn locally by our little team.

Thank you,


Spoiled Dog Designs
Telephone: 760-482-1877
E-mail: customerservice@spoileddogdesigns.com

Spoiled Dog Designs is certified as a Woman Owned Business