Custom Sizing Takes The Worry Out Of Ordering.

Tired of buying dog harnesses and clothes that don't fit? Try our Custom Sizing and let us take the worry out of choosing a size.

Because we know that Six Pounds does not equal Six Pounds!

At least in doggie math it doesn't.

Why we created Custom Sizing:

Angelo, my first Chihuahua was 6 pounds and a perfect size small.  Then Bruno, child #4, came along. Bruno is also 6 pounds but has a Lhasa Apso Grandfather so he's long and lean. He's an XSmall around the body but most ready-made clothes are not long enough for him.  Like people, no two dog bodies are the same. And, we heard our customers' concerns about whether or not something would fit their dog. Then we got the idea - We already make our designs right here in Palm Springs, CA, one at a time, so why not make them to fit your dog's specific measurements? And Poof! Custom Sizing was born!

How To Order:

If your dog is an Angelo, check our size chart and order a regular size. For the Bruno in your life, choose one of our designs, and order the size based on the Chest measurement then include their measurements in the Order Notes.  


For Harnesses, Coats, Boy's Vests and Ruffled Harnesses we need three measurements:

A. The dog's length from the base of the neck to the base of the tail

B. Around the lower neck by the shoulders

C. Around the chest a couple of inches behind the front legs.

 How to measure a dog by Spoiled Dog Designs


For dresses, if you have a short breed like a Dachshund, Corgie, Shih Tsu, also measure their Rear Height (D) from the top of the hip to the floor. This will enable us to make the skirt the right fullness so it doesn't hang down too long for your dog. 

We will make your order based on the measurements you give us. And if we get it wrong, we'll make it again to get it right. After all, when your dog is wearing Spoiled Dog Designs, we want them to look great, feel great and most importantly, be safe. And for you, we want to take the worry out of ordering! That's what Custom Sizing is all about.

Please note: You are responsible for taking accurate/precise measurements of your pet and for those measurements being correct. We cannot work with a "range" or "approximate" measurement. If we make the harness and it does not match the measurements, we will make another one. If we make it to match the measurements you sent us, and it does not fit, we will make adjustments up to 2". Any adjustments more than that will require you ordering another item. 

Custom Sizing orders take 10- 14 business days to ship. 

Check out our size chart and video on How To Measure your Pet here: