Size Chart and Measuring Information

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes so choosing a size solely by weight doesn't always make sense. That's why Custom Sizing is available.

Custom Sizing:

Like people no two dog bodies are the same and customers shared their concerns about whether or not something would fit their dog. That's why Custom Sizing is available.

How To Order:

This is the Spoiled Dog Designs Size Chart for your reference. Sizes vary between brands so please check the size chart carefully to find the right size for your pet. 

If you are ordering for a cat or other kind of pet, please send us measurements and we will gladly make the item based on that information so we will know your pet is comfortable, safe and looks great.

Please Note: If the item does not fit right when you receive it, we will work with you to make it fit properly but Custom Made Items are not returnable for refund. Please see our Return Policy before ordering. 


*NOTE: This chart applies to items designed and manufactured by Spoiled Dog Designs. Items manufactured by other companies will have their size chart included in the item description when possible.