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Harnesses, Collars and Leads

We offer a wide variety of harnesses from our own Velcro Wrap Dog Harness to harnesses for giant dogs. 

First, our Velcro Wrap Dog Harness, a Dog Vest Harness that we design and make in Palm Springs, CA. It has hook & loop at the chest and belly for more adjustment and easy on and off. We make these one at a time so we can offer Regular and Custom Sizing for our Velcro Wrap dog harnesses. You'll find a wide selection of fabrics and designs to fit your dog's body and personality. 

Second, a great step in harness made by Plush USA for dogs and owners who don't like the velcro and want a no pull dog harness. 

Third, are special harnesses from Ezy Dog that we think are the best large and giant dog harnesses. 

And we also carry collars, strap harnesses in both step in and roman styles and leads from Yellow Dog Designs. Their sizes fit tiny dogs to giant dogs. Made in USA, guaranteed.

To help you make a decision about the right harness for your dog, check out this article, "Harness That Energy" which appeared in the Pet Companion Magazine and discusses the best dog harnesses. It will help you decide which one is best for your dog.

You can also read this article in our blog:

We're sure you'll find one that will work great for your dog's needs. But, f you need more help, contact us at and we will help you choose the right harness for your dog.