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Choosing the Right Winter Clothes for your Dog December 10 2020

Despite the fact that most dogs are covered head to tail in fur, just like us they too need a little protection from the elements.  Whether you have a petit pup or a puddle splashing Labrador, the winter time can be harsh no matter where you live. 

In this article I discuss the importance of finding the right style, fit, and function to safely select the right pieces for your dog. If you still have questions or don't see the size you need, please feel free to send me a email so I can help.


The Five Second Rule July 04 2015

  One hot day while I was working in my store at the College of the Desert Street Fair, I noticed a young man with his Pit Bull chatting with another customer in the sun. He gave the dog the “Sit” command and the dog obeyed but bounced back up again. He told her again … Continue reading The Five Second Rule

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