Desert Plants to Avoid for Pet Safety September 30 2015

I just read a great article in the Desert Sun, Desert Plants to Avoid for Pet Safety  by Dr. Gail Cutler who just happens to be our “Family Doctor” about desert plants that are common in in Desert Landscaping  that can be toxic or poisonous to dogs and cats. Its so important that I thought I’d list the plants here and share below the link to the full article in you want to read more.

1. Lily Family Plants – especially important for cats

2. Sago Palm Trees – their seeds are very  poisonous

3. Oleander

4. Mexican or Red Bird of Paradise

5. Lantana

6. Aloe – this one surprised me.

7. Hibiscus

8. Citrus leaves, flowers or fruit

Common Desert Plants that my look poisonous but are not:

1. Pyarcantha

2. Bouganvilla

3. Most Cacti -although the thorns can be painful

4. Mesquite Tree Pods

To read more about the effects and dangers of these plants, read her full article at:

Thanks Dr. Cutler  and Thank you for reading this. I hope it helps us keep our fur-babies safe.



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