Life or Death Inside a Car July 11 2013

Dogs love to ride in cars, love to look out the window, bark at passersby (at least Angelo does)but what do you do with them when you have errands to run on a hot summer day? The answer is to leave them at home.

It may seem OK on a hot day to take your dog on errands, getting in and out of a hot car but dogs don’t have good air conditioning systems. They don’t sweat and panting is inefficient. So repeatedly getting back in a hot car is very bad for them.

Worse yet is leaving them in a car when you run into a store. Even for a few minutes. The Palm Springs Animal Shelter did the math for me but here’s what its like inside your car on a hot day, even with a window open.

Outside Temperature               Temperature Inside Car                                                                                           75 degrees                                118 degrees                                                                                  77 degrees                                123 degrees                                                                                   81 degrees                                138 degrees                                                                                 90 degrees                                143 degrees                                                                                      94 degrees                                145 degrees

They stopped their calculations at 94 degrees but it has been a lot hotter than that in many places already this summer. But this certainly gives you the idea.

Lets stay safe out there this summer!

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