Traveling with Angelo

Traveling with Angelo -

I’m off to SuperZoo this week with Angelo. This is an old picture of him in his carseat, before I started making harnesses, but I love the shot so I’m using it here.

SuperZoo is the annual big trade show in Las Vegas where I go to see what’s new in the industry, look for new products to offer you and see what my current vendors have that’s new and exciting. This year the show is 50% bigger than the last few years so maybe the economy really is improving.

This is always a special time for Angelo and me. We get to spend 3 days together at a hotel, eating out (me at least), and checking out lots of great pet items. But, its important that I bring along the things he needs to be safe, healthy and comfortable. First and foremost is his carseat. I’ll talk a lot more about them later but for now lets just say it keeps him tethered, he can see out the window, and he’s safe and comfortable.

The show is held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center and its HUGE, crowded and miles and miles of rows to walk down. I’ve found the best way to navigate the show with a small dog is put him in a stroller. I know, many of you would rather die than be seen pushing a stroller but it works great for me. I can stow things in the basket below, hang my purse on it, carry my coffee and Angelo’s water bottle, and on and on. Angelo’s happy because the stroller is a safe place and he’s got enough room to be comfortable.

Some vendors are prepared for your to buy product right there. That’s great since I can save on shipping which helps keep my prices down. On those days, more and more purchases get added to the stroller until there is little room for Angelo. This is what the stroller looked like at the 2012 show. No surprise we have a new stroller now. Where’s Angelo? Well, he’s in a carrier I’m wearing where he can be close to me and I can use the room in the stroller for more purchases.

I love these carrier, so do most dogs. If they are used to being carried in one arm, this carrier puts them in the same place on your body, close to you, but your arms are free and their weight is distributed across your back by the cross body strap. They are soft and flexible but strong enough to fit any size dog you would carry for a length of time. At SuperZoo, as I’m walking up and down the endless miles of rows, Angelo sometimes needs a break from being up front in the stroller so I put him in the carrier for a while. And as I said, he winds up in it when I fill the stroller up withe goodies.

So, for this trip, I need three types of carriers for Angelo. The carseat for our 5 hour drive from Palm Springs to Las Vegas, a stroller so he can ride in comfort as I walk mile after mile of convention floor, and a carrier for when he needs a break or when I fill up the stroller with goodies.

My next segment will be on other things I bring to make his trip safe, comfortable and fun.

Thanks for reading.

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