Travel Food and Water Bowls July 24 2013

A big issue in traveling with pets is to bring containers for food and water that are appropriate for the type of travel you are doing and the kinds of places you will be going. Having lots of fresh water is very important to dogs so lets see what kinds of containers I’ve decided to bring along.

For this trip to SuperZoo, the first situation I have to deal with is a 5 hours car ride through back roads of the desert. No services stations, drive through windows, etc. So I need to bring plenty of water for both of us but I will also put a Food and Water Tray on his carseat so that he will have water available whenever he wants to drink and when it gets late, I can put his food in the other container. This saves me from having to pull over or twist my body around to give him a drink.

Next, I need travel dishes that I can use for food and water in the hotel. I really like the collapsible silicone bowls since they have a flat bottom for sitting on the floor, and take up very little room in the suitcase. I prefer to take a small one for food and a large one for water but two small ones would work also.

The last situation I will be in is walking the convention all day and going to restaurants. The travel water bottle I like the best is the OllyBottle because it is PBA free and has an attached water dish. This way I can give Angelo a drink in the dish and I can drink from the bottle. That means I only carry one water container for both of us. How great is that?

Besides all these watering devices I have to bring Angelo’s food, leash, duty bags, and his clothes that we designs special for this event. After he tests the clothes out, if they work well and are comfortable for him, we’ll put them into production and share them with you.


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