What to do if your dog gets poisoned. August 17 2013

When my Mom moved in with me at age 91, she was not used to living with dogs. Especially little ones that moved quickly and ate anything that dropped on the floor. One day she dropped one of her pills and Bella, ever watching, got it in a New York minute and swallowed it. Fortunately it was during our Vet’s working hours. I called, they looked up the pill, it was used in Veterinary Practice but was a toxic dose for 5 lb. Bella so we had to induce vomiting. Bella was fine later but it was an upsetting day for all of us.

We were fortunate that our Veterinary Hospital was open. What if this happened after hours? Well, hopefully you have in a safe and convenient location the address and telephone number of your local Pet Emergency Hospital so if the situation is serious, you can take your pet there immediately.  But what if its not serious and when you call the Emergency Hospital they are swamped with emergencies?

At this year’s SuperZoo Pet Industry Trade Show, I met and talked to the people at the Pet Poison Helpline. They were a great group of people who have veterinary toxicology experts available 24/7/365. For $39 they give you all kinds of services when your pet is poisoned.

Their number is  800-213-6680


AND, they have an app for iPhones called the Pet Poison Helpline App, $1.99 that lists all kinds of poisons and gives you information on them.

I downloaded the app and have the telephone number in my Contacts so I can get it quickly if the dogs eat something they shouldn’t.

Remember the Girl Scout Motto – Be Prepared!

Thank for reading.

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