Six Pounds does not equal Six Pounds! October 15 2014

Not in doggie math it doesn’t.

Angelo, my first Chihuahua is 6 pounds and a perfect size small.  Bruno, child #4, has a Lhasa Apso Grandfather, is also 6 pounds but is long and lean. He’s an XSmall around the body but most ready-made clothes are not long enough for him. So 6 pounds does not equal 6 pounds in doggie math or doggie clothes.

Dog clothes are more like Women’s Clothes in that every manufacturer has their own sizing. One may cut smaller, one larger. How many times have you heard a sales person say “they run small”? Men’s Clothing is much easier. A man can buy a shirt based on his neck and arm length and be fairly certain it will fit no matter what the brand.

Many of our customers who are shopping without their dogs, have a concern about buying something and it not fitting. Then we got an idea – We already make our designs right here, one by one, so why not make it to fit your dog’s specific measurements? If your dog is an Angelo, you can order a regular size. If your dog is a Bruno, you can order a Custom Size.  And if we get it wrong, we’ll make it again to get it right. After all, if your dog is wearing Spoiled Dog Designs, we want them to look and feel great. Custom Sizing takes the worry out of ordering dog clothes!

And, for us it means we can make our designs to fit our 1.5lb customer, Peyton, as well as Fiona, who weighs in at 150lbs.  That’s the fun part, being able to sew the designs specifically for your dog so that it will fit great and they will look great.

I’ll talk more about how to measure your dog later, but for now, know that we are committed to making styles that range From Function To Fashion For Dogs 2 to 200 Pounds.

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