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Welcome to Spoiled Dog Designs!

Six Pounds does not equal Six Pounds!

At least, not in doggie math; and that's why Custom Sizing was born.

Custom Sizing:

Angelo, my first Chihuahua was 6 pounds and a perfect size small.  Bruno, child #4, has a Lhasa Apso Grandfather, is also 6 pounds but is long and lean. He's an XSmall around the body but most ready-made clothes are not long enough for him.  Like people no two dog bodies are the same and we heard our customers' concerns about whether or not something would fit their dog. Then we got the idea - We already make our designs right here, one by one, so why not make it to fit your dog's specific measurements?

How To Order:

If your dog is an Angelo, you can order a regular size. For the Bruno in your life, you can order a Custom Size.  And if we get it wrong, we'll make it again to get it right. After all, when your dog is wearing Spoiled Dog Designs, we want them to look and feel great. Custom Sizing takes the worry out of ordering dog clothes!

How We Got Started:

When I got Angelo, I wanted cute outfits, but got frustrated by having to put his harness over or under an outfit. It looked terrible. I could imagine the clothes I wanted for him with harnesses built in but couldn't find them. And so, Spoiled Dog Designs was born. Most of our designs have built in harnesses so you can attach the leash and go. 

Spoiled Dog Designs lets me use my creativity and gives me the chance to build a better mouse trap....well at least one that works for me and hopefully works for you. Check out our harnesses here

On The Runway:

Since our founding, we have had the opportunity to do many exciting projects including making the outfits for the dogs getting married on the National Geographic Taboo Series, Muttrimony, we were the designer for the 2016 Le Chien, the Dog Fashion Show that kicks off Palm Springs Fashion Week El Paseo, and we were the designer for Dog Days of Birmingham Fashion Show during Birmingham Fashion Week 2014. We also did the costumes for Loving All Animals Fabulous Fur Follies where we turned the dogs in Las Vegas Showgirls in tribute to the Fabulous Palm Springs Follies.


1. Make and sell items that fit well, are completely functional, safe and are comfortable for your dog while being creative and have great style. We want your dog to look and feel great in our designs and be safe.

2. When we choose products made by other manufacturers, we strive to choose items made in the USA with our standard of quality. We sample or use all new products to make sure it does what it claims to do before we offer it to you. And that enables us to give you better instructions about the product. If you have questions about any products, email us or ask us on Facebook, we're always glad to share what we know.

3. Fit all dogs, no matter what breed, size, or 'figure". We created a size chart for the basic sizes. If your dog does not fit into these ranges, or has a special figure, no problem, we'll make the item just for him/her.  We have a Custom Sizing feature on our product pages where you can add your dog's measurements so we can make the item just to fit your dog. We take the fit worry out of ordering. 

4. Do special orders for you. Need a wedding dress, a lifeguard outfit, a Coast Guard Uniform? We love doing these assignments for you. Just email us and we'll be happy to create for you.

5. Share our information and welcome you to do the same.

6. Support efforts for adoption, rescue, spay, and neutering of pets. 

7. Laugh and have fun....afterall a Chihuahua in a Sombrero does light up your day!

8. Last but far from least, to End Dog Nudity!

The Spoiled Dog Designs Team:

Bella, a Chihuahua, was adopted from the Pet Rescue Center in Coachella, CA. She is 5 lbs, is our fit model for girls' clothes and models for our website and advertising.  She does runway work and was the bride in the finale of the Birmingham and Palm Springs shows.  She's taken over Angelo's role of joining me at the Trade Shows and picking out new treats for us to sell. Bella loves everyone and some day will be voted Miss Congeniality.

Sophia, yes, another Chi,  was rescued from the Ventura County rescue. I was a vendor at their Adopt-a-Thon and she picked me out. She wouldn't look at anyone else so at the end of the day she was not adopted. That shelter has a high kill rate and she was skin and bones so I could not leave her there. No longer starved, she weighs 5 pounds and even with her long legs, is a perfect XSmall. So she is also a fit model for our girls' clothes and sometimes models for the website when she's not being shy. She loves being a Super Model and loves looking at pictures of herself.

Bruno, my fourth Chi, (They say Chi's are like Potato Chips, you can't have just one!)  came to me as a foster dog. Now, who was I kidding? Me, a Foster Parent?  I've since learned the name for people like me is "Foster Failure". He's sweet, loving, cuddly, so no surprise, he's now part of the family. He's just started to model but still is not totally confident. Please bear with him as he gains confidence.  It's written into his adoption papers...."must wear clothes".

Toni, Adopted June 2014 - Aug. 2021 - She was a huge 2.8lbs at the North Central Los Angeles Shelter when I found out about her. She grew to a whopping 4 lbs.  Modeling was new to her so we had her carried in Le Chien. At home she was a little firecracker who ruled the house. She was smart and feisty having lived on the streets of LA for a while so I gave her the life of a Princess. She started wearing clothes immediately and loved them. I think they made her feel secure. I lost her very suddenly August 18, 2021 to what the vet suspected was a brain tumor. You'll see her in pictures modeling harnesses and clothes. She made a significant contribution to this business so her story is still important.

Edith , My Mother, moved to Palm Springs from the Catskill Mountains in New York to live with me and brought her 50 yr old Singer sewing machine with her. She started immediately sewing blankets, quilts (she was still quilting by hand), bandanas, slings and coats and sewed until March of 2012 when she broke her hip at 94. She passed on in November 2012 but I'm not ready to remove her from this page since she was such a big part of the early days of this business. Please bear with me.

Angelo, a Chihuahua (Oct. 2003 - July 2019), was born in Puerto Vallarta, Mex. and came to the United States at 5 weeks old. He was the inspiration for starting this business and building harnesses into all our clothes. At 6 pounds and a perfect size small, he was our fit model for all boys clothes. You can still see him modeling all over the website and was on runways at fashion shows from Palm Springs to Birmingham. He attended trade shows with me and was in charge of selecting the treats that we sell. He loved his work! And you could see in his face that he was proud of what he did. He was my soul-dog and his loss left a hole in my heart. 

As for me, Patt (A Human), I've been sewing for as long as I can remember. Being born in Paterson, NJ, which was then the Silk City of the US, there is no way you don't sew. You're surrounded by fabric dye houses, clothing factories and many of the people you know work in that industry. As a kid, my Mom, Edith, would  make my clothes and I would use the scraps to hand sew clothes for my dolls. As a young adult, I went with Edith every Wednesday to "Sewing Night" at Aunt Gloria's where all the sisters (there was nine total) and some cousins would go and help each other with their projects. I learned a ton from my Aunts, some of whom were sewing in the clothing factories. By that time, I was making all my own clothes.

I stopped sewing as the pressures of a corporate career took priority but, I still made the matching "this and that" that made my house a home.

Now, I do the designs, fabric and trim selection, the hand finishing and hand trim work that I can do at night while running the business during the day.  I sewed in the beginning but now my time is taken up with doing shows, designing, marketing, accounting, the website, etc etc etc.


We have a small team of seamstresses who turn my ideas and sketches into the fabulous products you see on our pages. They are very talented and I am blessed that they walked into my life.

Our items are cut one at a time, sewn here in Palm Springs by our little team and finished by hand by me so you may see minor differences in trim from the pictures.

Where you can find us:

We have a permanent space at a local Street Fair and do a number of other shows/festivals/ fairs during the year in California. We announce on our Facebook page any special shows we're doing. Hopefully one will be in your area. 

We love getting your comments, ideas and input as to what you like, need, and how we can make things better for you and your dog. We also love getting pictures of your dog in our designs. And if you agree, we will post them on our website and social media. Feel free to comment on social media or email us anytime.

Thank you,


Spoiled Dog Designs
Telephone: 760-482-1877
E-mail: customerservice@spoileddogdesigns.com
Facebook: facebook.com/spoileddogdesigns

Open Air Market

Palm Desert Costco Parking Lot.


While The Street Fair was closed due to COVID, 50 merchants opened up a temporary market. Once The Street Fair reopened, we closed this market and went back to what we consider "home". But we reconnected with our great customers, made some new friends and had a lot of fun.

College of the Desert Street Fair

Come visit us in person at this amazing Street Fair. 150 merchant selling Art, Crafts, Produce, a Food Court, and unique items you won't find elsewhere. Plus the proceeds of the Street Fair go towards scholarships for local kids. So while you are having a great time, you're supporting local small businesses and sending kids to college. How great is that?

Corner of Fred Waring and Monterey, Palm Desert, CA
October through May, Saturday and Sunday, 8AM to 2 PM Lot 2, Space 167

Spoiled Dog Designs is certified as a Woman Owned Business