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Washable Adjustable Face Masks With Vents and PM2.5 Filter

7.99 USD

All colors in stock and ready to ship from Palm Springs CA!

Protective washable face masks. Made with flannel backed outer fabric and lining with pocket for filter. There's a one way vent on the side to keep you cool and prevent your glasses from fogging. The filter sits behind the vent and provides extra protection for your nose and mouth. Some vented masks do not provide protection for others but this design, with the filter behind the vent and over your nose and mouth, protects you and others. So, always use a filter when wearing the mask. Each mask comes individually sealed with one filter.

Adjustable nose strip. Adjustable Elastic on each side for a comfortable fit.

Washable - take the filter out and wash the mask by hand or machine. When dry return the filter to the pocket. After a while, depending on your exposure, you will want to put in a clean filter.

Filter is PM2.5  a 5 layer filter using anti-particulate matter filtering technology and antibacterial protection. That means it protects against COVID19 as well as ash and smoke from fires. You will want additional filters to change them periodically when you feel that it has become dirty or contaminated. You do not have to change the filter every time you wash your mask unless you feel it is necessary due to your exposure.

Order the mask in the color you want, it comes with one filter. Then we suggest you order additional filters in packages of 5 from pull down menu or from the separate filter product listing. The more filters you buy the more you save.

Please note: The Masks come with one filter. The packs of filters are just filters, no mask is included. 

Once the package is opened, these masks are not returnable. 

Made in China

Sold Out