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Super Dog Costume


Look, Up in the Sky....its Super Dog! I love this costume! The Super Hero costume wraps around your dog's neck and the paws go into the pants legs so when your dog walks, it looks like the Super Hero is walking. There's a red cape to tie around your dog's neck. Its really cute.

Since this costume does not go around the dog's chest, the important measurements are the neck and height from floor to shoulders. Those measurements are more important than the weight guidelines.


 Size           Neck size           Shoulder Height        Weight 


   XS             6.75"-8.25"                  6.5"                    0- 4.4lb

     S              8.25" - 9.4"                 8"                       4.4 - 6.6lb

     M             11" - 12.5"                   9 1/4"                6.6 - 8.8lb

     L              11.5" - 13"                   11"                     8.8 - 13.25lb

   XL              11.8" - 13"                   12.6"                 13.25 - 19.8lb