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Small Cross Body Pet Carrier


You like our cross body carrier with an adjustable strap but you have a dog that is 5 pounds or under and you think they'll get lost in our carrier? Well, we made this small one just for you and your dog. Its just like our regular carrier, only smaller for a tiny dog. There are two pockets outside, a strap to hook to your dog's harness inside. One side is deep for the dog's back end and the other side is shallow for him/her to rest their front paws. The fabric is strong enough for lots of use but soft enough to mold around the dog to make them feel safe and secure. The cross body adjustable strap distributes the weight across your back rather than on one shoulder or arm leaving both arms free. We love this carrier and so do our customers. And your tiny dog will feel safe and secure in this scaled down model made just for them.

The top of this carrier is 14 1/2", its 7 1/2" at its deepest point and only 5 1/2" wide at the bottom. Our tiniest customers love this Small Cross Body Pet Carrier and their parents love it too.