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Pet Grooming Deshedding Glove Brush for Dogs and Cats

6.99 USD

Is your life full of dog hair? Does it cover your clothes and your house? Does your dog hate being brushed with wire or metal brushes that hurt and pull?

These wonderful gloves you've seen on TV let you pet your dog and share your love while getting rid of shedding hair. You and your dog will love brushing time!

They come in left and right hands or you can buy a pair. Knit air mesh sides and back and adjustable wrist band make these cool and comfortable for you.

Put on the glove and adjust the wrist, then pet your dog in the direction of the fur growth.  When the glove is full of hair, peel it off and throw it away. Then keep petting your dog for more deshedding.

Works on all size dogs with all kinds of coat. This brush works great on any dog you pet! Get the "Shed" out of your life.

One size fits most.