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Faux Suede Dog Boots

6.99 USD 19.00 USD

Only a few sizes left so order now! These original sold for $19.99

Wow, this is as close as your dog can get to those popular boots that everyone wears these days. In tan and pink with faux suede outside and faux shearling inside. They have a wide opening so they go on easily, and lots of vecro to wrap around your dog's ankle and snug up to stay on. A thick bottom give traction and keeps your dog warm and dry. These are adorable and functional. Why shouldn't your dog be warm AND in style?

To determine the right size, hold your dog's paw like in the photo below and measure the length and width. Then compare it to the chart. (These boots are made for smaller dogs only)

Size     Length      Width

   1          1 1/4"        1"

   2          1 1/2"        1 1/8"

   3          1 6/8"        1 3/8"

   4          1 7/8"        1 1/2"

   5          2 3/16"      1 9/16"

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