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Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover Starter Kit

24.99 USD

Now is the time to work on your dog's pesky eye stains!

Treat them with the all-in-one Eye Envy NR Tear Stain Remover Kit for Dogs. This tear stain removal starter kit contains the popular Eye Envy solution, dry application pads and a jar of application powder. Eye Envy is all-natural and provides a great alternative to ingested tear stain removers. The two-step process involves cleaning the stained area with the solution and then applying the powder, which repels tears and helps prevent bacterial growth that causes tear stains.

Key Benefits

  • Two-step tear stain removal kit
  • Non-irritating and safe for puppies
  • Removes tear stains and discoloration
  • Requires no refrigeration until opened; once NR solution is poured into the pad jar, it must be refrigerated.
  • No bleach, steroids or preservatives

What's Included

2 oz bottle of solution, 1/2 oz jar of application powder, a jar of dry non-woven application pads.