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Cross Body Pet Carrier

55.00 USD


If you are like us, you have a lot of carriers in the closet that you thought would be great but turned out not to be. Well when we started designing this carrier we took all the things we liked about the ones on the shelf and left out what we didn't like. The result is our soft sided, cross body carrier with an adjustable strap. There are two pockets outside, a strap to hook to your dog's harness inside. One side is deep for the dog's back end and the other side is shallow for him/her to rest their front paws. We make it strong enough to hold any dog that you carry around for any length of time, but we use fabric that is also soft enough to mold around the dog to make them feel safe and secure. The cross body adjustable strap distributes the weight across your back rather than on one shoulder or arm, leaving both arms free. We love this carrier and so do our customers. More importantly, so do their dogs!

This size carrier will hold a dog 6 to 18lbs or two small dogs. If your dog is under 6lbs, look at our small cross body carrier.

If your dog is larger, contact us and we can make a larger carrier for you.

I carry Angelo (6lbs) and Bella (5lbs) in a carrier at the same time. Angelo in the deep end and Bella in the shallow end.



Top Width - 17"

Height at Deep End - 8 1/2"

Depth - 7"

Strap - 31 1/2" - 43"