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Special Orders

Something Special:

If you want us to make something special for your dog - a coast guard uniform, a wedding dress - just contact me at, tell me what you want, include your phone number, and I'll call you to discuss the project.


If your dog is between sizes or outside the range of our size chart, we will make an item for you. Just pick out the item you want, make sure it is made by Spoiled Dog Designs, and order it. in the order comments, fill in the following information about your dog.





Length from base of neck to base of tail (A)

Size of lower neck (B)

Chest - measure at the widest part of the chest. (C)

Hind Girth - for items or breeds that require this area fitted. (D)

It takes 7-9 days to get your order ready to ship so we will notify you when it ships. IF we have to shop for special fabric or do a lot of hand trim work, it will take longer but we will give you an estimate on timing.