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Our Showcase

A husband and wife came in to our shop and the husband loved the crown and wouldn't let go of it. We came up with the king's robe idea and we made it in a week. The dog's name is Chewy short for Chewbacca since they think he looks like him. He's a Morkie - a Maltese/Yorkie mix.

Gordie's Dad and his wife were going to his class reunion at the Coast
Guard Academy and Gordie was attending also. A classmate and his wife wanted to surprise them with a cadet's uniform for Gordie.  They gave me pictures and got the patch for me. We decided to make Gordie a 5 star Admiral so he'd be the highest ranking officer there. He was the star of the show!

Ghenga and her Mom always stop by when they are in town. this time her mom brought in the cowboy hat she is wearing in the picture and asked if I could make a dress to match...of course, I said...with a little denim here, a little red there, topped off with some bandana fabric, Ghenga got her harness dress to match her cowgirl hat. We put it on her and she stopped traffic. She loves wearing clothes.

This is Lola. Her Mom met us at Woofstock in Escondido,CA and asked if we could make things for Lola out of the family Scottish Tartan. So we made a step-in harness, a dress with a kilt on the bottom, a Tam O'Shanter, and a Coat that has the Family Crest on it.

Hoover is a 125lb St. Bernard that sits proudly on his Dad's motor yacht as his Dad cruises out of Oceana, CA. His Grandmother asked us to make him a lifeguard outfit so that he could look the part not only on the yacht but when walking around the marina. We made the outfit and made him a St. Bernard's Barrel like we have in our Accessories Collection.

Red/White Flowers
I was given the picture of the women's dress and asked if I could make a matching dog dress in 5 days for a fashion show. We wound of making a white dress and I hand-made and painted flowers and stitched and glued them on.