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N95 Masks for Men and Women

6.99 USD

In stock and ready to ship!

KN95, N95 protective masks. Made from non-woven, spun bond cloth, electrostatic filter cotton.

KN95 grade anti-particulate matter filtering technology and antibacterial protection fabric. Effectively filtering and protecting from PM2.5 air particulate matter and bacteria. Perfect protection from COVID 19, smoke and ash.

Each mask comes individually sealed in a foil lined envelope. Instructions on the back. 

Buy extra for your Emergency Go Bag, your car, and for every day protection. 

Reusable, disposable. Not washable.

Adjustable nose strip.

Folded, each side of the mask measures 6.25" long X 4.25" deep.

Once the package is opened, these masks are not returnable. 

Made in China