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Time for a Sale to Spread Joy!

Wow! More time at home with our dogs and more time to shop online! It's "Time For A Sale!"  

And a large group of small businesses have banded together to all offer sales to our customers. Its huge!

To take part, we added items that will make that time meaningful to our regular Winter Clearance Sale. Just use code Time40 or code #SPREADJOY at checkout. Either code will give you 40% off all items in this collection.

  • Time to train them on protective footwear or sunglasses so you're ready for summer.

  • Time for Grooming 

  • Time for extra walks

  • Time to work on those pesky eye stains....

  • Plus for those of you who had to cancel your trips, we included our Palm Springs and other Dog T-Shirts.

  • This is the time to do it all AND take advantage of the big savings.

Stay healthy out there and hug your dog for us.