Dog in yellow lace harness dress

Custom Made Dog Clothes
Function to Fashion for Dog 2 to 200 Pounds.

From functional pullovers, sweaters and coats, to fancy cocktail dresses and tuxedoes, we have whatever your dog needs...or wants.

We make our designs for you when you order in Regular and Custom Sizing so you'll know it will fit. Check out size chart carefully since it may vary from other brands. If your dog does not fit our size chart, we will make it based on their measurements. Here's the link to our size chart:

We have beautiful designs and fabrics to choose from for both boys and girls. And they have a built in harness so you don't have to put the harness over or under their clothes. Just attach the leash and go. And we design and make quality t-shirts for dogs of all sizes.

Besides our designs, we offer a small selection of items we found and love from well respected manufacturers.

Not sure your dog will wear clothes? Our Custom Made harness dresses and boy's vests are built on a Velcro Wrap Dog Harness so your dog feels like he/she is just wearing a harness, not "clothes". This way they are safe and comfortable. For more information, check out this article we wrote on how to train your dog to wear clothes. It fist appeared in the Pet Companion Magazine. You can read it here.

To help you choose the right winter clothes for your dog, you'll find a lot of information in this other article we wrote for Pet Companion Magazine - Choosing The Right Winter Clothes For Your Dog.

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