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Coolaid Canine Cooling Vests - On Sale!

19.99 USD

We're based in Palm Springs, CA so we know about heat and keeping our dogs cool. These are the best cooling shirts we've found and our dogs use them all summer long when temps stay well above 100 degrees.
Coolaid's cooling vests are excellent for dogs on the run!! They are designed to allow for greater movement through the shoulder area while playing or working. There are no buckles to fasten or straps to attach. Simply wet the vest, wring out the excess water, shake it, slide the vest over the head and pull the front legs through the large leg holes. Super easy! If more cooling is needed on long walks, just repeat the process or add water to rewet!! These shirts do not get hard or stiff when they dry. They stay soft and comfy whether wet or dry.
Remember, Coolaid products can start cooling with any temperature of water, so if you have that warm bottle of water in the car, use it!!! Wet it, shake it and put it on to start cooling your dog.
Can also be used for dogs in pain or when "icing" is needed since it provides cooling action wherever it touches the body.
Small       Neck 8” Girth 16” Length 9"
Medium   Neck 12" Girth 20” Length 14”
Large       Neck 18" Girth 30" Length 17"
X-Large   Neck 24" Girth 36" Length 21"
Limited stock so order now! After VIP Sale - $29.99

Our Technology

Coolaid has teamed with Coolcore to bring you the number one cooling products available for your pets. Coolcore’s cooling material innovation has undergone years of lab and field testing and is the first US Company to receive the “Innovative Technology” award from the world-renowned Hohenstein Institute, and the ONLY company globally to receive it for “Cooling Power”. The Hohenstein institute is recognized globally, since 1946, for its market leading testing systems serving the textile industry. Coolcore was awarded the 2015 Best Innovation – Sports and Outdoor Apparel” for its patented line of cooling fabrics, from the ITMA Future Materials Awards.

Why Coolaid?

Other brands use topical chemicals that not only can be harmful to your pets, but after only a few washes, the cooling properties of the product are no longer effective. The Coolcore cooling technology is built into the fabric’s fibers, preventing any decline in the performance and keeping it’s cooling properties for the life of the garment.

How Does It Work?

The chemical-free cooling fabrics utilize a unique combination of bers and cross-sections that deliver three distinct functions – wicking, moisture transportation and regulated evaporation – going far beyond traditional moisture management textiles.

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